AviSina brings a unique approach

AviSina is an experienced real estate development and property management company, supporting community through distinguished places. Our dedicated team of property managers, operate a portfolio of privately held properties in Western Canada, the majority of which are in BC’s Lower Mainland. Our experience, and a deep commitment to the distinct needs of each community, ensures that all properties are developed and managed to the best of their potential.

Design standards that elevate the form and function of the space are important to us. We value the aesthetic appeal of each property, from the quality of the materials in structure and style to a sense of simple elegance. We create and maintain places of distinction.

The most important AviSina advantage, though, is found in our relationship with people. We manage our properties as an integral part of the neighbourhood, working with everyone involved to bring businesses and services that are important to the viability of the area. AviSina is always part of the community; managing and developing properties to actively support the diverse needs of the people.

AviSina is the uncompromising balance of people and place.